Dr. Radha Ramanan B


Good evening everybody,


I am humbled and honored to stand before you as the President of this prestigious organization.Let me express my sincere gratitude to all the members of KSOS for selecting me as your President for the year 2017-18.


I congratulate Dr Saju Joseph and his team for the excellent performance during the last year. Dr Saju Joseph, I realize that my job will be very difficult because of your outstanding performance during the last year. Dr Saju Joseph and team finally got our KSOS registration up to date. I also congratulate Dr Thomas Cherian for the excellent coordination of KSOS activities. Last year we had a land mark achievement namely the indexing of our journal. All credit to Dr Asok Nataraj and team. Dr Mahesh G proved his class as the best scientific committee chairman. DrBastin and Dr Leila Mohan contributed to KSOS as web site editor and Joint secretary. Congrats to Team Cochin for the excellent conduct of Drishti 2016. Thanks to Dr V R Mani and team.


I am very thankful to the team Kollam for the excellent arrangements they have done here. This is the first time we are having a Green Drishti. I express my sincere gratitude to DrJayaprasad, DrRajeeevSukuman, Dr Anish Madhavan, Dr Kiran and team Kollam for positively responding to the Green Drishti request. This is the first time a wild life photography exhibition is also arranged along with Drishti. This shows KSOS members talents in other fields also.


In this moment I gratefully remember my great teachers and past presidents of KSOS Padmasree awardee Dr Tony Fernandez, Dr K E Eapen, Dr T P Ittyerah and Dr E J Mani.I think, I am the first KSOS president trained by 4 past presidents of KSOS. But all thanks to my mentor Dr Noel Moniz who encouraged and trained me in the field of glaucoma. He not only trained me in ophthalmology but also in organizational matters especially in KSOS. He was the organizing secretary for two Drishti conferences. Following my mentor’s footsteps, I could also organize 2 Drishi conferences.


P.G.Training Programmes


KSOS should organize more PG training programmes. Few district ophthalmic clubs like COC, TACO are conducting regular programmes. PGs as well as young fresh Post graduates should utilize these programmes. Up to PG education Kerala stands top in the nation. But after post graduation many other state ophthalmologists are performing in a better way. We should start more fellowship programmes and phaco training courses in Kerala.




We are sure that ophthalmology is the specialty in Kerala doing maximum community work compared to any other specialty. But the Govt: and the general public are not really aware of this. Usually we won’t see any request in media regarding financial help for eye treatment. This is because we are treating almost all poor patients free of cost or at reduced rates in private hospitals, in addition to strong and well equipped Govt: hospitals. We have to streamline our community services. Now some ophthalmic clubs are publishing details about monthly community activities in their news letter. KSOS news letter should publish state wise details. KSOS, with the help of eye hospitals and Govt: can streamline the community services. Community services should reach the needy people. We need not to treat rich people free of cost. At the same time we have to treat a poor person who can’t afford the treatment cost. KSOS should discuss more details about this matter. We together will see that no ophthalmic patient in Kerala will be denied of treatment just because they don’t have the money for treatment.




I request, all KSOS members to initiate steps to reduce waste in our hospitals and houses. We should adopt methods in our houses for waste disposal like vermicompost, aerobic compost, biogas plants etc. KSOS and district clubs can coordinate these activities this year. By doing this, let us contribute for a better Green world.




In KSOS, number of CMEs are increasing year after year. We need more coordination about the subjects of CMEs and venue. It is good to see that CMEs are arranged in subjects other than pure ophthalmology. We need CMEs in communication skills, hospital management etc. We should maintain a very ethical practice and good communication with our patients. I also request youngsters to come up in the organizational level of KSOS and district ophthalmic clubs.




Drishti, this year is conducted in 6 scientific halls. Congrats to Dr Mahesh. Again ophthalmology is one specialty in which all our delegates will be in the halls. Along with these hectic scientific activities we have social, trade and entertainment programmes. Now our society is one of the biggest ophthalmic societies in India with more than 1700 active members.




Dr Saju Joseph has started the one day family get together of KSOS. I will also continue with the same programme.

As I come to close my presidential address I like to thank team Kollam especially DrJayaprasad, Dr Rajeev Sukumaran, Dr Anish Madhavan and each member of the organizing committee for the excellent execution of Green Drishi 2017.


Finally I thank my wife Rani for always supporting, encouraging and tolerating my activities. I expect that she will help me in this important year of my life as KSOS President.

I request and expect your whole hearted cooperation for the next one year and will strive my best to see KSOS flag flying high.



Thank You,


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