Dr Babu Krishnakumar


Respected outgoing President Dr Meena Chakrabarty, Chief guest Dr. Abraham Varghese President IMA Kerala State 2019-20, Dr Mahesh G Hon General Secretary KSOS, Dr Saju Joseph, Chairman Organising Committee Drishti 2020, Dr Thomas Cherian Organising Secretary Drishti 2020, Dr George Thomas, senior ophthalmologists and my dear friends and families, media people and public.

Thank you Dr Meena Chakrabarty for that exquisite introduction of me. I am really happy to be sandwiched between Chakrabarties, Meena as the outgoing President and Arup as the incoming President.

Trekking back to days where Ophthalmic commandments where inscribed in my life from Sir Sayajirao General Hospital and Baroda Medical College under M.S. University. My teachers especially Dr J.K.Patel, Dr K.J.Seth, Dr A.M.Sudhalkar, S.J.Bhoti have all the credits for propelling me boldly into the world of Ophthalmology. My seniors like Dr Nandini Limdi, Dr Raja and colleagues Dr MeeraVarma and Dr Vasantha Damodaran have given undeniable inputs in my ophthalmologic upbringing.

My hearty pranams to all the senior ophthalmologists who by words and deeds guided me in KSOS where I am a member for the last 22 years, which helped me reach this pedestal. Special among them are two past Presidents of KSOS Dr K.V.Raju and Dr Charles K.Skariah who guided me in managing day to day and extra ordinary situations in KSOS while I was their General Secretary in KSOS.

Looking back to my nursery TACO is the place where I am introduced to organizational matters. Dr Alex Joseph was there to help me out right from the day I joined Aswini Hospital, as his assistant. He was and is there for making things easy for me. Dr Radha Ramanan and Dr C.V.Andrews have nurtured me in climbing every step in KSOS. They didn't rest until I was elected as President of KSOS. I cannot forget the days spent and experience gained from Vijayasree Eye Hospital, Thrissur under Dr K.Krishnankutty and team. Dr K.C.Mathai remains my colleague and mentor at Aswini Hospital for last 25 years. Dr Aneeta Jabbar, Dr Merine Paul, Dr Lathika Rajesh and all my dear friends at TACO, you have to be with me always.

Every executive committee with a new President makes all their efforts to find their team contribute something memorable and beneficial to KSOS. We too have programmes born out of dreams. Fulfillment of any project will also demand our members active participation realizing that they are the beneficiaries ultimately. These are the activities we are expecting to deliver from our armamentarium.

Updating General Ophthalmologists.

Many General ophthalmologists remain where they start academically, mainly they don't have the time and space for advancement. KSOS by joining hands with major and like-minded ophthalmic institutes, aims for a project where they are accommodated for a crash course or short-term observer ship. Here they can have hands on experience on state of art of ophthalmology.

PG Fellowship

KSOS is conducting training and exams for PG students of KSOS. In addition to Medals and other recognition, we plan to arrange short term fellowship / observer at our member hospitals of Kerala after their completion of PG. This will undoubtedly enhance their professional stature.

Editing and Writing in a Journal

With KJO we have a novel idea to improve the scientific temperament of our members. Most of the time writing for a journal remains a tough job for many members though they have excellent academic materials with them. We will conduct 'Short Term course on Research Methodology' by deputing proper agencies who will unravel the skill of reading, writing and publishing of scientific articles before you. Another arrangement is 'Long Term Course for Editors'. This is for the existing members of editorial board and for future editors of KJO. The course is meant to review articles received and all manuscripts they write over one-year period. Both these courses will further the status of KJO for additional accreditations in the scientific world.

Award for Best CME

Visualising and executing a CME demands proper and skillful employment of academic manpower and materials to the delegates. The toil of organizing teams go unsung except for the good words at the venue. KSOS wants them properly decorated with an award dedicated to the Best CME of the year.

Social Media Coordinators

Social Medias like Whatsapp, facebook, twitter, instagram and Youtube are the newgen windows to the world that the oldgen too has adapted to. Communication through them has become quicker, easier, more powerful and pervasive than print media. Adapting KSOS with new ways and to keep abreast we should have 'Social Media Coordinators'. They will inform you, the members of KSOS and the public the plans and programmes of KSOS, reaching out and bringing in feedback. The coordinators are Dr John Davis Akkara, Dr Prashob Mohan and Dr Natasha.

Group Practice

Every ophthalmologist endeavor after their post-graduation, to stand on their feet. Independent survival is many a time difficult as it demands money and manpower beyond their command. Group Practice is an avenue for the future. This is protective in multiple ways. Government or NGOs are behind you for supporting to the dedication to the privileged as well as underprivileged. We can establish in small townships or rural areas where service of ophthalmology is limited to Ophthalmoscope. KSOS will provide under single umbrella selecting the group, construction of the clinic / hospital, purchase of medicine and instrument, manpower, Consultancy for legal, accounting, administration, NABH accreditation etc. We can help them in developing to "Centre of Excellence". Dr Radha Ramanan and his team is ready to make this proposal a reality.

Advisory Committee

Our presidents now retire young and active. We have to lend ears to their learned and experienced advises to properly guide KSOS forward. The Advisory Committee will meet periodically and submit report on matters referred by executive Committee or General Body within stipulated period. The Advisory Committee can themselves raise matters that they feel relevant and report to Executive Committee. The committee will be headed by Dr C.V.Andrews

Membership Drive

It goes without saying Unity is Strength. We have to reach out to our colleagues who are outside KSOS and working with us in Kerala or outside. We will entrust each district committee to add nonmembers to our fold as well as to AIOS. Increasing membership in AIOS will strengthen KSOS at all India level. Our aim will be cent percent membership from ophthalmologists of Kerala in KSOS by 2021. Credit points will be added to those who recruit the maximum addition of new members, in the selection of Best Ophthalmic Club. Present members are requested to update their new addresses and phone numbers to the secretary and PGs have to rise to full membership from associate membership by notifying the General Secretary.

CMEs as Webinars

The pandemic has established a new protocol for every organization with merits and demerits inherent to it. KSOS is one of the few organizations that have successfully migrated to new norm by conducting 26 academic events as webinars and 7 CMEs in real time to begin with. Coming year too we have to continue with this modality until the pandemic protocol comes to an end. We learn that some district clubs flourished excellently in cyber space while few others faltered. They are requested to make use of Zoom platform and technical assistance from KSOS unhesitatingly.

Continue with Past President's Programmes

Brain Children of Past Presidents will be continued with added dynamism under their guidance. Important among them are NCD and NCED. Let's Connect. Vision Enhancement Project and Green Protocol.

Scientific Committee

Scientific Committee which has done a momentous task in realizing what KSOS can do, will continue with its trail blazing feats in coming year too. They plan to codify various processes of scientific activities in a clear-cut Manual of Scientific Committee.


We have started adding new features and are going to complete the intended facelift of it this year.

Literary Magazine

Year after year talents are surfacing at entertainment programs and magazines. We plan to provide a platform to publish what they create through a periodical edited by Dr R.R.Varma. The task ahead is to work for betterment of my colleagues, organizationally, academically and socially. You are well aware of the fact that we are way ahead in these fronts compared to similar societies in India. We have to march forward and reach further heights in future. Yes, it's reachable with the force we have. Only we have to join hands.

Leading 2000 and odd ophthalmologists of Kerala is a tough job for me. Though I am not leading a war I am forced to compare myself with the Arjuna of Kurukshetra. Infusing power and strength in me are my Krishnas, the most dependable and prime members of the executive committee and members of KSOS who will see me drive this chariot forward. Dr Meeena has steered KSOS during the pandemic efficiently with webinars and materializing her project NCD and NCED. The President Elect also the Chairman, AIOS Editor of Proceedings, Dr Arup Chakrabarti with his vast experience in national and international arena is an asset to KSOS. Dr Mahesh Gopalakrishnan as General Secretary is really enjoying his job and there is no 'no' in his vocabulary. Heard him utter the word 'done' at the mention of any queries during executives committee meetings. Dr Bastin the treasurer has proved his dynamism in whatever job entrusted to him. His treasury charge is my boon. Versatile, meticulous, prompt and intelligent is our Dr Rajiv Sukumaran. With him as Scientific Committee Chairman majority of my worries are overcome. His contributions in managing the webinars and this virtual Drishti is unparallel and single handed almost. Rajiv, any President is sure to be proud to have a person like you to run any organization. Dr Sudha is brilliant in editing the KJO braving many adversities. Dr. Jain the taskmaster is a beloved facilitator at KSOS and IMA. Dr Rohan the joint secretary is a man of brilliant and executable ideas. I am sure all of the office bearers with other members of executive committee, the backbone of KSOS, we will complete this year too in a commendable manner.

My sincere thanks to COC, IMOC and KOS for the excellent arrangements at the venue and online, a Drishti of unprecedented significance, for making this happen when majority of conferences came to a grinding halt in facing the pandemic. Genuine and admirable are the Drishti 2020 managers and prime among them are Dr Saju Joseph Chairman Organising Committee and Dr Thomas Cherian Secretary Organising Committee . Salutations from the depth of my heart.

My part, my strength, my solace, my support is my family whose precious days and years I am sharing with you for KSOS have added in me the reverence to them on this podium. My wife Dr Jayasree Professor of Agricultural University, daughters, Dr Aiswarya Aravind M.D., Microbiologist, Akshara Nikhil Electrical Engineer in Australia. Beyond them my world ends.

Thank You

Dr Babu Krishnakumar

Hon President KSOS

"As I shed a tear drop for others
There arises in me a thousand suns
As I expend a smile for others
Shines with in me a full moon
Eternal and serene"

- Akkitham

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