Dr. Mahesh G


2020 is here and the new team of KSOS is in the driving seat.

Year after year KSOS is reaching new heights in every aspect of the society. When we look back the last few years have given new direction for KSOS due to the commendable hard work of previous team. Membership is touching 2000. Official matters of KSOS is streamlined. Accounts are regularized. Academic activities are in full swing. Member clubs and hospitals and individuals are contributing so much to the scientific activities. Probably in the whole country there may not be a state with so much CME programs. Drishti scientific activities are inspiring even to the other societies in India. We are guiding all India society by our work and academic culture. Our member's contribution is appreciated in national level. Community activities are in full swing. Gone are the days when cataract camps were the only community program of ophthalmologists. Rehabilitation of visually challenged and screening for life style diseases are main agenda along with public education programs. Future is going to witness artificial intelligence in community screening programs. Probably our specialty will be the first one to use AI in practice frequently. Also members welfare programs and practitioner assistance cells are there. KSOS has shown example in the time of disaster like floods by donating for the relief funds. What is the future of KSOS. We have to continue the good work done by our predecessors. Our strength is our strong seniors who are the guiding lights. Let us plan more programs which will be inclusive. More member participation especially our young ophthalmologists' contributions are needed. More youngsters should come to the organizational level. Drishti should attract people from outside state also. Kerala journal should attract articles from outside India. More collective effort can yield greater achievements of the society. The new team promises to work harder for more glorious future of our society.


Dr Mahesh G

Hon General Secretary

Scientific Committee


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