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Respected senior members, dear colleagues,


LED walls were used for the first time, the expenses were slightly on the higher side, but what we saw from Team Kochi was meticulous planning and excellent financial management. I am sure, once the accounts are settled, the KSOS would be better off financially. Two new awards were instituted, one in memory of our dear KGR Nair Sir, and the second, a state wide Post Graduates’ Gold medal. The COC PG Gold Medal examination was a runaway success, I hope, this would be something our budding Ophthalmologists would be looking forward to. Our flagship journal, KJO is on the verge of getting indexed. Team Cochin has done an excellent job, let’s hope, the standards set here would be there to emulate, and records would be broken as years go by.


We have a new President in office, I am looking forward to the dynamic leadership of Dr. Saju Joseph.
All the best to Team Kollam for Drishti 2017.

With warm regards.

Thomas Cherian

Hon. General Secretary, KSOS
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