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Dr.Gopal S.Pillai

Chairman, Scientific Committee

Dear members,


The new academic year brings us to yet another year full of scientific deliberations as well as fresh dates. This year also, each Sunday, our ophthalmic fraternity is beating the heat by cooling off in CMEs across Kerala. There will be approximately 40 programs this year which will improve the knowledge, attitude and treatment pattern in our discipline. This by itself is a great achievement and no other discipline or states can boast of such a spread of program through the year.

A new program for the fresh PGs will be undertaken this year to introduce them into the clinical examination and basic diagnostics of Ophthalmology. With the help of teaching institutions in three locations, Trivandrum, Kochi and Calicut, we will conduct introduction to Ophthalmology for 1st year PGs who join Ophthalmology in august- September 2019.

Adding an icing to this, our President this year has decided to connect KSOS with the people, staff and nurses in our field widening the horizon of Kerala Ophthalmology. This year, we will be inducting them also into our annual program, DRISHTI 2019 at Thrissur. We are connecting to the staff, optometrists and nurses in the third day of our program and are planning special courses for them. The big challenge is to keep the number of halls the same and add more people into the program. There is a debate of increasing the number of halls to include more people in the program to reducing the number of halls to enable even smaller district clubs to host DRISHTI, both of which are important needs for a growing organization.

This year, we start our IC submission on April 1st and it will close by April 30th. Free paper submissions will be from June 1st. In Drishti, Thrissur in 2019, we are expecting record registrations and since it is election year, we are expecting a lot of out of state faculty in our program. Overall we hope that this year, our academic aspirations as well as Connect activities will reach an all-time high.

Me and our Scientific committee members, Dr. Rajiv Sukumaran, Dr. Lathika VK and Dr. Devin Prabhakar will spare no efforts in bringing this academic year a grand success.


If you have any comments or sugestions, please call me directly or message me at 9447391266 /



Dr.Gopal Pillai
Professor and Head of Ophthalmology and Chief of Vitreo Retinal Services
Amrita Insitute of Medical Sciences, Cochin
0484 285 1099, 09447391266



Scientific Committee members

Dr. Devin Prabhakar
Divya Prabha Eye Hospital
Kumarapuram Kannanmoola Road,
Trivandrum - 695011
Ph: 9746545544
Dr. Rajiv Sukumaran
Priyanka Eye Hospital
Vavvakkavu P O
Kollam - 690528
Ph: 9895380696 0476 2691472
Dr. Lathika V.K
Kunduvara Road
M.G. Nagar Main Street
Chembukkavu, Thrissur
Ph: 94009 87731

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