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Dr.Tony Fernandez Video award session: Drishti 2018

1. Pass on the light




2. Submacular surgery




3. Cataract surgery in silicone oil filled eyes




4. Making language handbook apps for ophthalmologists




5. Using just smart phone app




6. Bleb reformation and scleral patch graft




7. Diplopia Post scleral buckling




Dr.Tony Fernandez Video award session: Drishti 2017

1. Implantation of Ahamed Valve FP 7 in the Anterior chamber - Dr.Bindu S.Ajith




2. Surgical management of massive suprachoroidal haemorrhage - Dr.Shruthi Candran




3. SICS- A safe technique for subluxated cataract - Dr.Prathmesh Mehta




4. Demonstration of usage of Eye Handbook App - Dr.John Davis Akkara




5. ONH Pit RD - Dr.Ashok Nataraj




Dr.Tony Fernandez Video award session: Drishti 2016

1. Happy Hanging-Single haptic fixation of IOL - Dr.Sinumol Thulaseedharan




2. Tips on antiseptic technique - Dr.Sasikumar, Dr.Rajeev sukumaran and Dr.P.I.Mohan




3. Wriggling masqueraders Intraocular larva migrans by Dr.Jayachandran




4. Retinal Armageddon - Dr.Shane Mathew




5. Demystifying White Cataract - Dr.Arup Chakrabarti




6. The art of successful PVD Induction - Dr.Preethi Benjamin




7. Surgical treatment of various types of ptosis - Dr.Sujithra H




8. Tackling macular holes - Dr.Awaneesh Upadhay




9. Fun with Rhexis - Dr.Leena Mariyam Varghese




10. Broken Lens, unbroken promises - Dr.Lakshmi J






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