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Dr.Tony Fernandez Video award session: Drishti 2016

1. Happy Hanging-Single haptic fixation of IOL - Dr.Sinumol Thulaseedharan




2. Tips on antiseptic technique - Dr.Sasikumar, Dr.Rajeev sukumaran and Dr.P.I.Mohan




3. Wriggling masqueraders Intraocular larva migrans by Dr.Jayachandran




4. Retinal Armageddon - Dr.Shane Mathew




5. Demystifying White Cataract - Dr.Arup Chakrabarti




6. The art of successful PVD Induction - Dr.Preethi Benjamin




7. Surgical treatment of various types of ptosis - Dr.Sujithra H




8. Tackling macular holes - Dr.Awaneesh Upadhay




9. Fun with Rhexis - Dr.Leena Mariyam Varghese




10. Broken Lens, unbroken promises - Dr.Lakshmi J




Dr.Tony Fernandez Video award session: Drishti 2017

1. Implantation of Ahamed Valve FP 7 in the Anterior chamber - Dr.Bindu S.Ajith




2. Surgical management of massive suprachoroidal haemorrhage - Dr.Shruthi Candran




3. SICS- A safe technique for subluxated cataract - Dr.Prathmesh Mehta




4. Demonstration of usage of Eye Handbook App - Dr.John Davis Akkara




5. ONH Pit RD - Dr.Ashok Nataraj






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