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Surgical Movie Theatre - Drishti 2018

1. Superior Oblique Tuck for SO Palsy - Dr Elizabeth Joseph




2. Nip it in bud - Lethal Eyelid Tumor - Dr Fairooz PM




3. Precision Cataract Surgery sans Femto LASER - Dr Jayaprasad




4. ConjunctivoDacryocystorhinostomy - Dr Kunal Kumar




5. Head up VR Surgery using Ngenuity system - Dr Mahesh G




6. Trabeculectomy-Safe & Effective Method - Dr Manoj Prathapan




7. Fine Tuning Diabetic Vitrectomy - Dr Meena Chakrabarti




8. Small Pupil Phacoemulsification - Dr Meena CK




9. PhacoTrabeculectomy - Dr Radha Ramanan




10. Prenatally Diagnosed Orbital Tumour Treated Successfully In A Neonate By Transconjunctival Approach Minimally Invasive Orbitotomy - Dr E Ravindra Mohan




11. Phacoemulsification in Hard Cataract with Small Pupil - Dr Sreeni Edakhlon




12. ReLEx Smile - How is it different - Dr SushmaPoojary




13. Light at the end : Open Globe Injury - Secondary Repair - Dr.Mani V.Raghavan




14. Mastering Surgical Technique for Ahmed Glaucoma Valve - Dr Thomas George




15. SuturelessMultilayered Amniotic Membrane Graft for Persistent Epithelial Defect - Dr Vinay S Pillai




Surgical Movie Theatre 2017 (Direction : Dr.Thomas Cherian)

1. Phaco nightmares conquering IOL catastrophes - Dr Mohammad Shabaz




2. Taming the inferior oblique muscle - Dr.Neena R Menon




3. Zepto Assisted Cataract Surgery - Dr Mrudhula Sunil




4. Hangback recession . A simple and safe alternative technique for squint trainees - Dr Satish Thomas




5. Fasanella Servat- The easy way out - Dr Ani sreedar




6. Direct Cyclopexy: Dr Ganesh V Raman




7. Ahamed glaucoma valve- Dr Kiran Gopalakrishnan




8. Limited hydrodissection technique in posterior polar cataract - Dr Jaison V A




9. Tackling macular holes - Dr Asok Nataraj




10. R D Secondary to giant retinal tear - Conquering the giant - Dr Remya Mareen Poulose




11. Iris claw lens - Dr Meena Ck




12. When the sclera melts. Is scleral patch graft the only option - Dr.Chitra Raghavan




13. Corneal perforation- Tissue adhesive to the rescue: Dr.Vinay S.Pillai




14. Rhexis Tear-out Management pearl 1 : Dr.Arup Chakrabarti




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