Abstract Submission Guidelines

KSOS 2023 Scientific Committee Guidelines

DRISHTI Time line

Drishti Venue Inspection* Jan-Feb
1st brochure In hard copy April
Instruction Courses Call for submission April 1st
IC Submission Late date May 21st
FP/ Video Call for FP/ Video June 1st
FP/ Video Last date June 30th
IC acceptance communication By email June 30th
FP/ Video acceptance communication By email July 31st
Full text of FP Last date Aug 31st
Video/ Poster PDF submission Last date Aug 31st
2nd brochure with sc: Prog: Grid Soft Copy Aug 15th
Early bird offer for regn Closes Aug 31st
Next cutoff for regn Cut-off Oct 31st
3rd brouchure with Final prog Hard copy Oct 20th
Souvenir printing matter to be ready 1 month before the Drishti date
Sc: Programme for flex printing 7 days before the Drishti date
*Venue Inspection by President, President Elect, Secretary,
Sc: Comm: Chair and Editor KJO

Instruction Course Submission
Instruction courses are accepted in any one of the following specialties

  •  Cataract
  •  Cornea
  •  Glaucoma
  •  Lacrimal
  •  Neuro Ophthalmology
  •  Optics / Refraction / Contact Lens
  •  Orbit & Oculoplasty
  •  Paediatric Ophthalmology
  •  Refractive Surgery
  •  Trauma
  •  Uvea
  •  Vitreo Retinal Diseases
  • Miscellaneous

General Guidelines
Instruction courses dealing with clinical sciences should present current, but reasonably established information.
Highly controversial or unproven concepts may be more appropriately presented as papers or E- Posters.
Courses with formats utilizing innovative teaching styles are particularly encouraged. Interactive dialogues and panel discussions are educational methods that stimulate additional interest and promote learning


The total duration of session is 55 minutes. There will be a 5 minutes change over timebetween sessions. The chief instructors must ensure that the session finishes exactly ontime & does not spill over to the changeover time.

An instruction course shall have one chief instructor and up to a maximum of additional 5 speakers (6 speakers in total)
A chief instructor or a co-instructor can speak on more than one topic.
A Chief instructor MUST be a ratified member of KSOS.
As a Chief instructor, a ratified member can submit ONE INSTRUCTION COURSE ONLY.
One CAN PROVIDE consent ONLY FOR FOUR ICs including your own

  • One CAN PARTICIPATE in a maximum of TWO INSTRUCTION COURSES as a co-instructor.
  • Chief instructor can include guest faculty from outside state or other specialties who need not be KSOS members.
  •  All Speakers must physically attend the conference and make podium presentation
  • Travel and Accommodation for guest faculty has to be taken care of entirely by the chief instructor. KSOS will provide ONLY complimentary registration
  • Abstracts shall be accepted online only. No abstracts shall be accepted as an email, fax, hard copies etc.,
  • Non-ophthalmic co-instructors can be included (if relevant to IC’s) & they may be non-members of KSOS. If you want to include non-ophthalmic co-instructors with details of the course, name of the co-instructor, his/her address, valid email id and mobile number. Please write to ksoshelpdesk@gmail.com.

Abstract Structure

Course Title
The title of the course SHOULD NOT exceed 100 characters (including spaces).
Course Outline (Synopsis)
Instruction course synopsis SHOULD NOT exceed 1000 characters (including spaces).
Details of the Program:
Fill co-instructors names, topics and time allotted for each topic. These details SHOULD NOT to be mentioned in the Synopsis of the course. The topics SHOULD NOT exceed 100 characters (including spaces)
Chief Instructor’s resume (600 characters only)
Ensure the Chief Instructor’s resume, not exceeding 600 characters (including spaces), is prepared with care and is complete. Ensure that the name of Institution of the Instructors, place of work or positions held in AIOS or state bodies are not revealed. The resume should be so written as to not to reveal the identity of the chief instructor or of the Institution – These, If mentioned, may lead to Non-Consideration / Rejection of the Course.

  • Chief instructor can include guest faculty from outside state or other specialties who need not be KSOS members.
  • Travel and Accommodation for guest faculty has to be taken care of entirely by the chief instructor. KSOS will provide ONLY complimentary registration.
  • It is the duty of chief instructor to get the consent from Co instructors and guest faculty and make sure the co instructors have only consented for 4 other IC.
  • It is the discretion of the co-instructor to choose the courses he/she wants to participate and each person can participate in maximum of 3 IC including his own.
  • If the co-instructor does not choose the courses, then the first 3 accepted courses (in the order of consent provided) shall be treated as the chosen courses by the coinstructor and the rest shall be withdrawn.
  • The chief-instructor is responsible to find an alternate co-instructor WITHIN 7 DAYS from the date of announcement of selected instruction course if the chosen co-instructor withdraws from the instruction course.
  • It is advised that the co-instructor informs the chief instructor his/her inability to participate in the instruction course.
  • Chief instructor should ensure that in the course have not more than 3 instructors including the chief instructor from the same institution.
  • Limited number of panel discussions will be accepted.
  • Instruction courses will be accepted based on the merit, freshness of concepts and benefit for attendees of conference.
  • The scientific committee chairman might make some changes in the IC whenever required especially regarding guest faculty so that they can be utilized in multiple sessions
  • Decision of KSOS scientific committee will be final.

Free Paper Submission

Free Paper Submission – Web Content
Even if you don’t receive an acknowledgement mail, you can login again and check the abstracts you have submitted and can verify that it is there. Presence of multiple submissions with same title will lead to arbitrary deletion of all except one of them by the system and no further complaints will be entertained on that matter.
Dr. K.C. Sankara Menon Award Session : Presentations in this session can be done only by a member of the KSOS, for work done in Kerala
Padma Bhushan Dr. P. Siva Reddy Award Session : Any registered delegate at the Annual Conference can present his/her work in this session
Padma Sri Dr. S. Tony Fernandez Award Session : Video presentation by a member of KSOS for work done in Kerala.
Prof. Dr. K.S. Subramaniam Award Session : Presentations in this session can be done only by a Post graduate student in Ophthalmology (MS, DO or DNB) studying in Kerala. A letter to this effect from the Head of Department must be attached along with this form. The Presenting author must also be a Member or Associate Member of KSOS.
Dr Noel Moniz Memorial Anterior Segment Free Paper Session : All presenters in this session should be members of the KSOS and the work should be in the state of Kerala. The sub specialties included in this session are Cornea, Anterior Uvea, Lens and Ocular Adnexa.
COC-RETNET Posterior Segment Free Paper Session : All presenters in this session should be members of the KSOS and the work should be in the state of Kerala. The sub specialties included in this session are Retina, vitreous, Glaucoma, posterior uvea and Optic nerve.
Dr. KGR Nair Memorial Award : Abstracts are invited for free papers in any subspeciality of Ophthalmology. Any KSOS/AIOS member is eligible to contest in this session, irrespective of whether he/she have won any award in the past.
In case of any ambiguity regarding sub specialties in the above two sessions, the decision of the scientific committee shall be final and binding.
Dr. S. Mohandas Award Session : All presenters in this session should be members of the KSOS and the work should be in the state of Kerala in the subspeciality of Glaucoma.
TACO Poster session : Poster can be presented only by members or Associate members of the KSOS, and the work should have been done in Kerala.
The Chief Author shall be the Presenting Author in all cases. Under exceptional circumstances, one of the co-authors may present the paper after obtaining prior permission from the Scientific Committee Chairman. In such situations, the paper will not be considered for the Award.
A Single person can be Chief Author only for a maximum of two papers in a particular session, and not more than four papers in all the award sessions put together (including Posters).
Any individual who has won a particular award will not be eligible for that award again.
If a paper is accepted, but not presented without valid reason, another person’s chance is being denied and this will invite strict penalty which may include debarring. The final decision in each such case will be taken by the Executive Committee of KSOS.
The study should have been done by the Chief author and Coauthors and should not have been published in any peer reviewed journal before. Once accepted the author will have to provide the hard copy and soft copy of the full text when asked following which they will become the property of KSOS and will be made available to the Journal Editor if needed for publication in the KJO.
Guidelines for preparation of free paper full text:
1. The full text should be sent to the Chairman Scientific Committee before 31 Aug 2023 in Word format through email scientificcommitteechairman@gmail.com
2.The first page of the full text should quote the Title of your Paper, Abstract Code Number, your KSOS Membership Number, names of the Co-authors in the order of appearance and your official address for communication.
3. Ideally the full text should contain the following sub headings: Abstract, Aim of Study, Material and Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion and References.
4. The full text should be in Microsoft Word format in size 12 font with single spacing on A-4 size.
5. The full text should not exceed 3000 words. A total of 8 figures/tables can be included along with the text at the appropriate place. Only a maximum of 20 references are permitted. Figures and Tables should have proper captions and numbering. The entire text (inclusive of tables, graphs, and references) should not exceed 8 pages.
6. The submitted full text will become the property of the Kerala Society of Ophthalmic Surgeons and the Society will have the rights to use it including publishing it in the KJO
7. You should be a registered delegate for Drishti 2023.
Guidelines for TACO POSTER session
1. All the posters are displayed as e-poster and so there will not be any physical posters.
2. You will have to submit a PDF and JPEG copy of the final poster by e -mail to the scientific committee chairman, scientificcommitteechairman@gmail.com Note: It should not be a Power Point presentation
3. PDF and JPEG files should be of high quality.
4. The posters must be submitted in A4 size (measures 21.0 x 29.7cm or 8.27 x 11.69 inches) with 300 dpi resolution and portrait orientation (vertical)
5. You can mail the poster in PDF and JPEG format to, scientificcommitteechairman@gmail.com
6. Last date for submission of poster PDF and JPEG by mail is 31 Aug 2023
7. If the Scientific Committee does not receive the poster by this date, it will not be included in the final programme.
8. You should be a registered delegate for Drishti 2023 for displaying the poster during the conference and for considering for TACO Poster award
9. Please note TACO Award will be given to KSOS members only and work should be done inside Kerala. All other posters will get a participation certificate only.
Padma Shri Dr. S. Tony Fernandez Award Session for the best Video – Guidelines
1. The final edited video should be sent by file transfer or Drive Sharing to the Chairman, Scientific Committee, KSOS Scientificcommitteechairman@gmail.com before 31 August 2023. Videos received after this date will not be reviewed.
2. The Video must be in MPEG4 format 720 or 1080p.
3. All the submitted Videos will be reviewed by an expert panel and only the top 10 Videos will be screened for the Padma Shri Dr. S. Tony Fernandez Video Award Session. Videos will be judged according to educational value, originality, and expert use of medium.
4. The maximum duration of the video film should not exceed 8 minutes. The presentation should include a 30–45 second introduction during which all authors are credited and any financial interest is acknowledged. Use of copyrighted music or material is forbidden without written authorization.
5. The videos which are selected for screening at the Padma Shri Dr. S. Tony Fernandez Award Session will become the property of the KSOS.
6. Video award will be given to KSOS members who are registered delegate for Drishti 2023 and the work should be done in Kerala

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