IC Selections

S.No Abstract Number Title Chief Instructor Membership No Co Instructor Category
1 IC1 Optimal OT Sterilization Protocols, Validation & Surveillance – A Video Interactive Session Dr.Chandrasekhar D KSOSID1921 Dr.Chandrasekhar D, Dr.Rajiv Sukumaran, Dr.Sasikumar S Miscellaneous
2 IC5 The YO-Lounge(for young ophthalmologist)- DILEMMA’S RESOLVED Dr.Rakhi Dcruz KSOSID1648 Dr.Anju Kuriakose, Dr.Hema V K,
Dr.John Davis Akkara, Dr.Rakhi Dcruz
3 IC8 Multidisciplinary Approach to Retinopathy of Prematurity: Current consensus Dr.Divya Balakrishnan KSOSID0819 Dr.Divya Alex,
Dr.Divya Balakrishnan, Dr.Indu V P, Dr.Lekha T, Dr.Natasha Radhakrishnan
Vitreo Retinal Diseases
4 IC9 Diagnostic Accuracy Through Retinal Imagimg. A Case-Based Discussion Dr.Divya Alex KSOSID1604 Dr.Divya Alex,
Dr.Divya Balakrishnan, Dr.Indu V P,
Dr.Menon Rahul Radhakrishnan, Dr.Praveen Muraly
Vitreo Retinal Diseases
5 IC10 Systemic Drugs Causing Ocular Toxicity-Are We Vigilant Enough?? Dr.Sindhu N M KSOSID0980 Dr.Deepa M G, Dr.Dhanya V S, Dr.Manju Abraham, Dr.Natasha Radhakrishnan, Dr.Sindhu N M, Dr. Sudha Vaikkakara Miscellaneous
6 IC13 What next? - An algorithm for management for posterior segment pathologies Dr.Menon Rahul Radhakrishnan KSOSID1367 Dr.Cheriyan Shane Mathew, Dr.Menon Rahul Radhakrishnan, Dr.Prakash V S, Dr.Rajesh P,Dr. Reesha K R Vitreo Retinal Diseases
7 IC14 Neuro - Ophthalmology Update Dr.Kalaimathi G S KSOSID0873 Dr.Kalaimathi G S, Dr.Neena R, Dr.Rehna Rasheed, Dr.S Padmavadhy, Dr.Sujithra H Neuro Ophthalmology
8 IC16 Trabeculectomy – Filter like a Pro Dr.Thomas George T KSOSID0560 Dr.Aby Jacob, Dr.Kiran Gopalakrishnan, Dr.Ronnie George, Dr.Thomas George T, Prof.Andrew Braganza Glaucoma
9 IC17 Dilemmas in Glaucoma Management Dr.Kiran Gopalakrishnan KSOSID1272 Dr.Aby Jacob, Dr.Kiran Gopalakrishnan, Dr.Ronnie George, Dr.Thomas George T, Prof.Andrew Braganza Glaucoma
10 IC18 Fine Tuning MSICS skills: Targeted for novice cataract surgeons who want to fine tune the art. Dr.Ashish Kuruvilla KSOSID1669 Dr.Alex Baby Olickal, Dr.Ashish Kuruvilla, Dr.Jacob Koshy, Dr.Leena Mariyam Varghese Cataract
11 IC19 Conquering pediatric eye examination. Dr.Remya Edachery KSOSID1458 Dr.Lakshmi C, Dr.Leila Mohan, Dr.Neena R, Dr.Remya Edachery, Dr.Soumya Nambiar Paediatric ophthalmology
12 IC20 Mimickers and Masqueraders in Ophthalmology Dr.Neena R KSOSID1351 Dr.Divya Balakrishnan, Dr.Lekha T, Dr.Marian Pauly, Dr.Neena R, Dr.Neethu Mohan, Dr.Rohit Saxena Miscellaneous
13 IC21 How to build a smart hospital practice? Dr.Sanitha Sathyan KSOSID1111 Dr.Charu Rajendran, Dr.Mathew Kurian Kummelil , Dr.Merine Paul, Dr.Sanitha Sathyan Miscellaneous
14 IC22 Medicolegal basics for ophthalmologists Dr.Mahesh G KSOSID0641 Dr.Ashok Nataraj Miscellaneous
15 IC24 Basic Neuro-ophthalmology course for Post graduates Dr.Mallika O U KSOSID0640 Dr.Dalia S, Dr.Dhanya R S, Dr.Sinumol S, Dr.Sujithra H,Dr.Thomas Arun Vargese Neuro Ophthalmology
16 IC25 SMARTPHONE OPHTHALMOLOGY - eye examination on your fingertips Dr.Prithvi Chandrakanth KSOSID1810 Dr.John Davis Akkara, Dr.Prasanna Venkatesh Ramesh, Dr.Prithvi Chandrakanth, Dr.Shishir Verghese Miscellaneous
17 IC26 Crossroads in cataract - making crucial decisions for cataract surgery Dr.Ambika Shetty KSOSID1136 Dr.Ambika Shetty, Dr.Manasa, Dr.Manju Anup,Dr. Sandhya N, Dr.Shaji Hussain Mohammed Cataract
18 IC27 Role of imaging in complex strabismus scenarios Dr.Leila Mohan KSOSID0411 Dr.Awungshi Philamazan, Dr.Elizabeth Joseph, Dr. Leila Mohan, Dr.Satish Thomas Paediatric ophthalmology
19 IC29 Combating challenging cases: When Retinal Surgeon and Cataract surgeon work "Hand in Glove" Dr.Divya Mohanchandran Nair KSOSID1522 Dr.Divya Mohanchandran Nair, Dr.Ganadin Ajoy, Dr.Leila Mohan, Dr.Prakash V S, Dr.Rajesh P Vitreo Retinal Diseases
20 IC30 VAST - Video assisted surgical skill transfer. A journey through surgeries in glaucoma Dr.Bindu S Ajith KSOSID0779 Dr.Bindu S Ajith, Dr.Ganesh V Raman, Dr.Nimitha Nageeb, Dr.Sathyan P Glaucoma
21 IC31 Breaking the refractive barrier for comprehensive ophthalmologist Dr.Aysha P.A .P KSOSID1597 Dr.Aysha P.A .P, Dr.Krishna Prasad K, Dr.Reshmi S, Dr.Sujith Nayanar V, Dr.Vijayalakshmi M S Refractive Surgery
22 IC32 Practical case based discussion on Diabetic Retinopathy Medical management Dr.Pappa Padmavathi KSOSID0769 Dr.Geetha Kumari P V, Dr.Pappa Padmavathi, Dr. Rekha P S, Dr.Saravanan VR, Dr.Sudha Vaikkakara, Dr.Thomas Cherian Vitreo Retinal Diseases
23 IC33 Diagnostic pearls in Neuro-ophthalmology- A Cased based demonstration Dr.Thomas Arun Vargese KSOSID0406 Dr.Francis M V, Dr.Mathew James, Dr.Revathy Ramesh S, Dr.Thomas Arun Vargese Neuro Ophthalmology
24 IC34 Glaucoma - Basic work up Dr.Saritha V K KSOSID0834 Dr.Gargi Sathish, Dr.Lekshmi H, Dr.Nishi R S, Dr. Roshini K R, Dr.Saritha V K, Dr.Thomas George T Glaucoma
25 IC35 Management Dilemmas in Glaucoma: Demystified Dr.Manju Anup KSOSID1611 Dr.Abhilash Nair, Dr.Girija K, Dr.Manju Anup, Dr. Sathi Devi A V, Dr.Vinay S Pillai Glaucoma
26 IC36 Dacryology - An Update Dr.V Anju Chandran KSOSID2050 Dr.Marian Pauly, Dr.Shruthi Tara Vasudev, Dr. Soumya Narayanan, Dr.V Anju Chandran Orbit & Oculoplasty
27 IC37 Demystifying the chart: Score high at your exam table Dr.Hema V K KSOSID1533 Dr.Anju Kuriakose, Dr.Hema V K, Dr.John Davis Akkara, Dr.Prithvi Chandrakanth, Dr.Rakhi Dcruz Miscellaneous
28 IC38 Secondary glaucomas at a glance Dr.Roshini K R KSOSID1175 Dr.Beena Thankappan, Dr.Meena Nair, Dr.Ronnie George, Dr.Roshini K R Glaucoma
29 IC40 Refraction:Bread & Butter-What Next? Spectacle,Lens Selection, Intolerance & Starting Optical Unit Dr.C V Anthrayose (Andrews) KSOSID0012 Dr.Babu Krishnakumar M R, Dr.C V Anthrayose (Andrews), Dr.Radha Ramanan B, Dr.Rohan A, Dr. Sahasranamam V Optics / Refraction / Contact Lens
30 IC41 Pattern Strabismus-Simplified Dr.Sahasranamam V KSOSID0173 Dr.Chaithanya R Warrier, Dr.Meenakshi Swaminathan, Dr.Resmi Bhaskar, Dr. Sahasranamam V Paediatric ophthalmology
31 IC44 Myopia- a "closer" review. Dr.Samyukta Sadasivan K KSOSID1120 Dr.Aswathy P, Dr.Divya Kishan, Dr.Mallika Harikrishnan, Dr.Naina Hyder, Dr.Samyukta Sadasivan K, Dr.Sandra C Paediatric ophthalmology
32 IC46 OCT: interpreting the image Dr.Anubhav Goyal KSOSID1496 Dr.Anubhav Goyal, Dr.Dhileesh P Chandrasekharan, Dr.Jyoti Prakash Vyas, Dr. Sailesh Kumar M Vitreo Retinal Diseases
33 IC47 "Taming Glaucoma" - Medical Management of Poag in a Nutshell Dr.Girija K KSOSID0604 Dr.Girija K, Dr.Manju Anup, Dr.Meena Gopinath Menon, Dr.Smitha V K Glaucoma
34 IC48 The RRR's for a Novice Strabismologist Dr.Soumya Nambiar KSOSID0941 Dr.Lakshmi C, Dr.Leila Mohan, Dr.Resmi Bhaskar, Dr.Shabeeba K, Dr.Soumya Nambiar Paediatric ophthalmology
35 IC49 Small pupil crisis- what to do ? Dr.Sinumol S KSOSID0849 Dr.Jayaprasad Bhaskaran, Dr.Reshmi S, Dr. Saikumar S J, Dr.Sinumol S, Dr.Sreeni Edakhlon Cataract
36 IC50 Spasms and Palsies (VAST) Dr.Shebin salim KSOSID1991 Dr.Marian Pauly, Dr.Shebin salim, Dr.Soumya Narayanan, Dr.V Anju Chandran Orbit & Oculoplasty
37 IC52 Abnormal Ocular Movements - An Overview Dr.Naina Hyder KSOSID0771 Dr.Arya A R, Dr.Divya Kishan, Dr.Elizabeth Joseph, Dr.Naina Hyder, Dr.Rashmin Gandhi Paediatric ophthalmology
38 IC53 Taming the Oblique muscles! Dr.Divya Kishan KSOSID1181 Dr.Arya A R, Dr.Divya Kishan, Dr.Meenakshi Raveendran, Dr.Resmi Bhaskar, Dr.Samyukta Sadasivan K Paediatric ophthalmology
39 IC54 IOLs for the primary or secondary surgical correction of aphakia and management of complications. Dr.Mathew Kurian Kummelil KSOSID1910 Dr.George J Manayath, Dr.Mathew Kurian Kummelil, Dr.Sachin Mathew George, Dr.Sreeni Edakhlon, Dr.Sudeep Das Cataract
40 IC55 Approach to generalised lid swelling Dr.Soumya Narayanan KSOSID2073 Dr.Aparna K S, Dr.Fairooz Puthiyapurayil Manjandavida, Dr.Marian Pauly, Dr.Soumya Narayanan, Dr.V Anju Chandran Orbit & Oculoplasty
41 IC56 Cerebral Visual Impairment - Our Experience Dr.Geetha V K P KSOSID1217 Dr.Geetha V K P, Dr.Mallika Harikrishnan, Dr. Samyukta Sadasivan K, Dr.SANITHA SATHYAN, Dr. Sujatha Nambudiri Paediatric ophthalmology
42 IC58 Topical Phaco- Golden Tips to make Life Easier for the Surgeon and the Patient Dr.Sony George KSOSID0732 Dr.Anish Madhavan, Dr.Mathew K Johnson, Dr. Mathew Kurian Kummelil, Dr.Minu M Mathen, Dr. Sandhya N, Dr.Sony George Cataract
43 IC59 MIGS(Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgeries) in India - What, How and Why ? Dr.John Davis Akkara KSOSID1499 Dr.John Davis Akkara, Dr.Mahesh Bharathi, Dr. Neethu Mohan, Dr.Prasanna Venkatesh Ramesh Glaucoma
44 IC62 Diplopia demystified.... Dr.Rekha P S KSOSID0987 Dr.Kalpana Narendran, Dr.Rajini Konayi Cherayath, Dr.Rekha P S, Dr.Sandhya Somasundaram, Dr.Suma Unnikrishnan M K Neuro Ophthalmology
45 IC63 Comprehensive overview on management of Glaucoma Dr.manoj KSOSID1108 Dr.Abhilash Nair, Dr.manoj, Dr.Meenakshi Dhar, Dr.Priyanka Shyam, Dr.Rizana V Mohammed Glaucoma
46 IC64 Tips for triumph in PG practical examination - An interactive problem oriented crash course Dr.Padma B Prabhu KSOSID0768 Dr.Anu Bhaskar, Dr.Babitha V, Dr.Charmaine Bridgette Solomon, Dr.Padma B Prabhu, Dr. Prasanna Kumari C, Dr.Sandhya Somasundaram Miscellaneous
47 IC65 Cataract surgery in Zonulopathy Dr.Minu M Mathen KSOSID0797 Dr.Chitra Ramamurthy, Dr.Mathew Kurian Kummelil, Dr.Minu M Mathen, Dr.Sudeep Das Cataract
48 IC66 A Neophyte Gonioscopist- an Animative Guide and Videographic Tool Box Dr.Swetha K KSOSID2276 Dr.Bindu S Ajith, Dr.manoj, Dr.Prasanna Venkatesh Ramesh, Dr.Swetha K Glaucoma
49 IC67 Prevention is Better than Cure: How to prevent blindness. Dr.Raju K V KSOSID0298 Dr.Irshad Edavana, Dr.Rachel Jose, Dr.Raju K V, Dr. Raju N S D, Dr.Ranjini K Miscellaneous
50 IC68 Vision, Revolution, Theranostics in Uveitis Dr.Prasanna Kumari C KSOSID0999 Dr.Adarsh M B, Dr.Babitha V, Dr.Charmaine Bridgette Solomon, Dr.Prasanna Kumari C Uvea
51 IC70 Understanding MSICS- ‘Tips and tricks to master it’ Dr.Lakshmi V J KSOSID1225 Dr.Lakshmi V J, Dr.Sinumol S, Dr.Sruthi R, Dr.Tintu Susan Joy Cataract
52 IC71 Common LID Problems and Solutions - In a Nut Shell! Dr.Indu B Narayanan KSOSID1667 Dr.Ani Sreedhar S, Dr.Ann J K, Dr.Indu B Narayanan, Dr.Shebin salim, Dr.Shruthi Tara Vasudev Orbit & Oculoplasty
53 IC76 OCTA- The Newest Kid in Town Dr.Jyoti Prakash Vyas KSOSID1113 Dr.Anubhav Goyal, Dr.Basil George P, Dr.Juhy Cherian, Dr.Jyoti Prakash Vyas, Dr.Menon Rahul Radhakrishnan Vitreo Retinal Diseases
54 IC77 Repeaters in General ophthalmology clinic - How to treat them better ? Dr.Sugaranjini KSOSID2070 Dr. Shweta Agarwal, Dr.Marian Pauly, Dr. Pragnya Rao Donthineni, Dr.Sugaranjini Cornea
55 IC80 Toric iol for beginners Dr.Seena A C KSOSID1213 Dr.Jesheena. A, Dr.Nisha Vasanth , Dr.Seena A C,Dr.Sugandha Sinha, Dr.Vijayalakshmi M S Cataract
56 IC81 Paediatric ocular trauma - eternal conundrums Dr.Lakshmi C KSOSID0801 Dr.Lakshmi C, Dr.Neena R, Dr.R Muralidhar, Dr.S. Tamilarasi, Dr.Soumya Nambiar, Dr.Vidhya N Paediatric ophthalmology
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