Membership Benefits

  • Receive Hard copy of the State of the Art Journal of the society-Kerala Journal Of Ophthalmology published once in 3 months.
  • Receive Hard copy of CME Series brought out regularly by the KSOS
  • Receive Hard copy of the News Letter of KSOS
  • Receive Directory of KSOS members which will be updated periodically
  • Receive Other publications of KSOS
  • Receive communications including brochures and registration forms of all CMEs conducted under the aegis of KSOS and also Other important Ophthalmic CME s outside the state (as they also will be using the KSOS mailing list)
  • Be notified via SMS about all CME programs conducted under the aegis of KSOS and also get reminders regarding this
  • Get Email notifications and reminders about important Ophthalmic CMEs in the state and outside the state.
  • Search Details, Address, Contact Details of KSOS Members
  • Online access to Journals and other publications of KSOS
  • Avail of Reduced Registration fee for members at Annual KSOS (Drishti)conferences, participating and competing in the various award sessions of the KSOS Annual Conference
  • Receive Photo ID Card
  • Participate in the general body and be part of the decision making process of the KSOS
  • Be part of the Electoral process of KSOS
  • Chance to become an Office Bearer of this Prestigious Society

How to Join Ksos ?

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